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Without really seeing the product, or at least an image of it, it is practically impossible to provide precise assistance.There are 9 graduation clipart items available at Free Clipart Now, consisting of diplomas, class rings and even a clown school graduate. As William Miller is a fairly common name, it is rather likely that there are many more unlisted artists including amateur painters who may have produced your item. I am not knowledgeable about any noted artist by the name Ricardo Rossi.

In addition, the artist offers both color and black and white versions of these images so that you can utilize them as you want. Take multiple pictures of your mirror (including any numbers or maker's marks) and reveal them to an antique appraiser or send them to an online appraisal service.It's black, white, and gray mainly, and I have actually seen prints online of this piece that have actually sold for a pretty good amount of loan at auction. If you google 'Hugo Vogel paintings images' you will find an excellent selection of his work on-line, and if you do have a print, you must be able paint by numbers australia to find other examples. French artist Bernard Cathelin (1919-2004) produced some remarkable paintings utilizing a dynamic, typically non-naturalistic color combination. If you sign up to the website (there is no fee for joining this site) you will be able to see various sales results together with images for this artist's work. If you were to purchase a painting by this artist from a recognized gallery, you might well expect to pay more than $1,000.

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You might attempt offering through a local auction, or ist it on eBay or something comparable. The only sure method to get an estimate of the worth of these paintings is to consult from an auction house or art dealership in your area.Auction homes and art researchers also utilize an excellent online resource called The Art Sales Index, which lists the hammer costs (prior to tax) on paintings sold at the majority of major salerooms. Rene Charles Edmund His (1877-1960) painted many countryside scenes, and his oil paintings do reasonably well at auction. Search completed auctions to see what posters, prints and paintings are bring on the secondary market.

You may see a painting in the exact same style and color scheme, which will point you in the ideal direction. There are an excellent lots of artists named Antonio, and it is also a name utilized on a few of the art work generated by the painting factories in Dafen, China. If your painting remains in great condition, well framed and is of an enticing subject you ought to have no issue selling it. Utilize these Easter bunny templates for background images in your next Easter PowerPoint presentations. Your product may well be of worth, however it's difficult to state without seeing it personally.